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~SirEros~ Poems for a "Loving World"

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Romantic Poetry

Here you will read but a few of my Poems


As the moonlight bounces off my lady fair
Her flowing locks of flaming hair
I see the stars in her eyes
As her good looks do make me cry
For in this lady I do see
All that life has in store for me



I've been looking for you
Now ever since I found You
You continue to astound me
Yes truly you do
For ever since I found you
I find myself more complete
My live was all alone
Till with you I found my home
Longing for you I want to hold
To warm you when your cold
To keep you safe from harm
Safe within my arms
The rest of time I'll spend
Beside you till the end
My love I hold for you
I know this love tis true
So please stay with me
As I show you how happy we should be
With you I feel so fine
As I am yours and you are mine