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~SirEros~ Poems for a "Loving World"

Welcome to words by ~SirEros~ , Poems and more!

What is a Poem ?
A poem is but a way in which words are placed together that means more then just the words themselves. Indeed a "Poem" takes on a life all together their own.


" The Winds of Time "

To float upon the winds of time
Will always be a dream of mine
To fly above the world so high
Enough to make a person cry
To fly so fast
To fly so far
To not even know where you are
You look around
Then soon have found
You no longer see the ground
You've flown so high
You've flown so far
You can even touch the stars
Oh how the stars they shine
God I wish to ride those winds of time


A picture of the "Andromeda Galaxy"

M31: The Andromeda Galaxy
Credit: The Electronic Universe Project

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