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~SirEros~ Poems for a "Loving World"

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About Me

I am but a man, a man that has found in his heart the words you will be reading. Keep in mind that these poems are "Copyrighted in the Library of Congress".

What type of Poetry do I write ?

I write poetry that makes one wonder about the scheme of things. I write poetry full of "Romance". I write poetry that is what one would call "Erotic". I write this and more , in the following pages you will see just a portion of them. As well some of the Poems and writings of my friends. Also some links to their pages.


I am ~SirEros~

My Philosophy

This sight is to let others see what a world can be , with caring & poetry in your hearts. For those out there with a "Professional interest in Poetry and the like", I am always looking for a way to make best use of this talent. For the rest I hope you enjoy my poems. If you might be interested in "Hiring me to write one for you or a loved one" , just drop me an E-Mail.