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~SirEros~ Poems for a "Loving World"

Welcome to words by ~SirEros~ , Poems and more!

What is a Poem ?

A poem is but a way in which words are placed together that means more then just the words themselves. Indeed a "Poem" takes on a life all together it's own.


"Winds of Time"

To float upon the winds of time
Will always be a dream of mine
To fly above the world so high
Enough to make a person cry
To fly so fast
To fly so far
To not even know where you are
You look around
Then soon have found
You no longer see the ground
You've flown so high
You've flown so far
You can even touch the stars
Oh how the stars they shine
God I wish to ride those winds of time


"One I've Met"

I am glad of one I've met
For with her my life does shine
Do I want her you ask
Yeah you bet
For I want to be with her all the time
Will I rest
Nay not yet
Until this girl is mine


" Sun it Rises "

As sure as the sun it rises
So shall the Love it grow
One day you'll find that one of whom you can't leave behind
For all at once it will be apparent that Love has bloomed
As you are staring at it
Your heart it feels so warm inside
It makes you want to cry
That is why I write this Loving sight
In the end I hope you might
Find the one of whom you seek and that they do feel that same way too


Holiday in Mexico


M31: The Andromeda Galaxy
Credit: The Electronic Universe Project

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